The „Skup się!” app.

The web and mobile app ’Skup się!’ supports the treatment of children with functional gastrointestinal disorders.
Functional constipation affects about 10% of the pediatric population and is the reason for about 25% of medical visits to a pediatric gastroenterologist. The statistic is underestimated because it is an embarrassing and tabooed problem. Treatment of constipation, in addition to pharmacological methods, involves lifestyle changes, which requires perseverance and the involvement of the entire family.
The „Skup się!” application is a tool to support the treatment of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, provides an opportunity to educate entire families (children and their parents) struggling with the problem of constipation, and is a source of reliable information, prepared by specialists on the basis of the latest recommendations.

Project Supervisor: Joanna Borzyszkowska, Ph.D.