MUG Incubator

MUG Incubator financing for implementation projects

As part of “Inicjatywa Doskonałości – Uczelnia Badawcza” (IDUB) (henceforth “Excellence Initiative – Research University”) Program, the Medical University of Gdańsk announces a second call for proposals for the MUG Incubator action.

As part of the action, it is possible to obtain support for the implementation of research and development and pre-implementation works aimed at increasing the market potential of conducted research towards the future implementation of research work results. The MUG Incubator envisages the possibility of obtaining up to PLN 150,000 of support for one project, including costs of laboratory work, expenses for the purchase of materials and raw materials, prototype preparation, research services, expert opinions, analyses and reports necessary for the proper implementation of the Project, patent protection costs.

The allocation of funds for the current call for proposals is PLN 450,000 gross.

The call for projects is open to MUG employees and participants of full-time doctoral studies at MUG and participants of the First Doctoral School of MUG, who conduct scientific research displaying implementation potential at the University. Projects with a degree of technological maturity in the range of TRL IV to TRL VI (prototype phase) of the Technology Readiness Level scale are eligible to receive support.

Fundamental research cannot be funded under the projects.

Preference will be given to Projects that fall within the scope of the Priority Research Areas (POBs) of MUG:

a) POB 1 | Oncology – including the implementation of unique biomedical research, important for a better understanding of the underlying cause of oncological diseases and their more effective treatment, e.g., evolution within cancer cells or resistance of cancer to the applied treatment;

b) POB 2 | Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine – including innovative and interdisciplinary research focused on a comprehensive analysis of the structure and function of the cardiovascular system and the mechanisms of molecular control of the circulatory system along with the development of the microcirculation pathology research program;

c) POB 3 | Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology – including the development of a multifaceted program of research on molecularly targeted predictive factors which are used in translational medicine.

The project application should be made by filling in the Project Application Form, which constitutes Appendix 2 to the Regulations for the Call for Projects “MUG Incubator”. The completed Project Application Form together with the relevant appendices should be delivered in person or by mail, including via internal mail to the office of the Center of Technology Transfer, which is located at: 

Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny
Centrum Transferu Technologii
ul. Dębinki 7 (budynek nr 5, I piętro)
80-211 Gdańsk 

or electronically to the following address: with the annotation “MUG Incubator”. Application forms will be accepted from 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023. The MUG Technology Transfer Office provides administrative, organizational and information services for the operation of the MUG Incubator.