Undertaking didactic activity among the academic community is an important element of the operations conducted by the Center of Technology Transfer. Participants of seminars and workshops learn methods for designing and managing effective commercialization strategies for the medical industry. Our goal is to promote knowledge about methods of transferring knowledge and technology as well as prepare Scientists to engage in cooperation with business in the scope of the commercialization of developed inventions. For this purpose, we conduct classes in the subject “Commercialization of research results” for Participants of the First MUG Doctoral School. We are also involved in holding international seminars and workshops of educational nature.

The curriculum content of the classes includes knowledge and tools which increase competences in the field of designing medical solutions and effective management of the process of R&D results commercialization. Their aim is to develop the class participants’ ability to objectively assess the commercial potential of R&D projects implemented in the research units of MUG. The program of the classes is based on the application of practical aspects related to the implementation of solutions on the market as well as methods of solving problems in order to create conditions for cooperation between science and business.