The EIT, or European Institute of Innovation and Technology, is an independent body of the European Union, tasked with strengthening Europe’s capacity for innovation by fostering collaboration between entrepreneurs and innovators and science and business. The EIT was established in 2008 and is an integral part of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

EIT Health is one of the 8 Knowledge and Innovation Communities of the KIC, which focuses on the action of developing innovations in medicine and healthcare.

Since 2018, the Medical University of Gdańsk has acted as the coordinating center of the Regional Innovation Programme initiative within the EIT Health project, which the university implements through the Technology Transfer Office.

Since 2021, the Medical University of Gdansk is an Associate Partner of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health and Healthcare.

Becoming a Partner in EIT Health opens up additional development opportunities for applying to innovative research projects carried out in international teams. Projects with a scientific and economic dimension have the effect of strengthening academic-enterprise cooperation, as well as influencing developments in healthcare.


EIT Health: