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Innovation Incubator 2.0 program

The Medical University of Gdańsk received from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education funding for the implementation of the Innovation Incubator 2.0 program. The project is a continuation of the Innovation Incubator +, under which from February 2017 to January 2019, MUG Technology Transfer Center provided financial support for a total of 19 research projects with commercial potential.

The Innovation Incubator 2.0 program is implemented in a Consortium of three Tricity universities: the Medical University of Gdańsk, the Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk, and a special purpose company of the Gdańsk University of Technology: Excento Sp. z o.o. The total budget of the project is 1.21 million PLN, of which the participation of the Medical University of Gdańsk is 282 thousand PLN. The Innovation Incubator 2.0 is an annual program, which completion date ends in March 2020.

The aim of the Innovation Incubator 2.0 program is to support the process of managing the results of scientific research project with high potential for commercialization, requiring pre-implementation work and development works in the field of technology transfer to the business.