Treg method is an innovative breakthrough therapy with T-regulatory cells (Treg) obtained from the patient’s blood. Currently, the therapy is used for the treatment of diabetes type 1 in children. The therapy is autologous, hence the blood donor and the recipient of the medical product, is one and the same person. The cells are not genetically modified, only the number of Treg cells – naturally low or with lower activity in patients with type 1 diabetes – is multiplied in the laboratory, before the application procedure to the patient.

Detoxed is developing an ultra-fast diagnostic kit to detect ED in both the body and domestic environment. Ready access to this diagnostic test (OTC) will allow individuals to control their exposure to bisphenols (including bisphenol A – BPA), phthalates and pinene, at the population level and, in doing so, reduce the risk of fertility problems, hormonal disorders, children’s developmental defects, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.


An innovative integrated patient-centered model that connects clinical research industry with primary healthcare infrastructure. Centralized management of standardized, high-quality services performed by a network of GCP-trained Family Physicians and their teams, supported by modern mobile technology enables the conduct of decentralized clinical trials outside of specialist centers, in proximity to the patient.