Important issues

  • Contact Technology Transfer Office (TTO) if the results of research have a comercial potential
  • If intelectual property is not protected, it loses its value
  • Patent application does not exclude publishing
  • Patent application can be followed by publishing and presentation of results on a scientific conference
  • If the invention is a team work, the agreements will secure all the team members
  • If the resercher’s findings have already engaged companies open for further cooperation, Technology Transfer Office can negotiate conditions of the cooperation
  • Technology Transfer Office can help you share your knowledge and put your ideas into practise.

  • Every project is diffrent and needs dedicated tools and solutions
  • For each project with commercial potential, possible commercialization scenarios are presented: license, spin-off company and other forms of cooperation depending on the level of advancement of the invention.
  • Administrative issues concerning the protection of intellectual property rights through the Technology Transfer Office are maintained by the patent atorney
  • Negotiations regarding the provisions of contracts (spin-offs) are conducted by the President of the special-purpose vehicle – Centrum Innowacji Medycznych Ltd.
  • Administrative issues related to the preparation and implementation of the contract provisions are carried out by the Technology Transfer Office in close cooperation with the legal advisor